How To Beat 21+3 Blackjack Side Bet

How To Beat 21+3 Blackjack Side Bet

You are fond of exciting feelings! You love strong emotions! Тhen the game 21+3 blackjack is exactly for you. If you want to feel all these emotions, side bets are a good way for doing it. You can add some pleasant trouble to your standard blackjack game. There are so many of them and new ones are constantly being updated.

Side bets make the game much more exciting. They can increase the player’s experience. And if you are also a bit lucky, side bets can be even more useful for you than the main bets which players must do when playing blackjack. However, it is important to remember their risks too. 

Of many side bets that a player can make at the table, 21+3 is perhaps the most popular. This side bet can be seen at blackjack tables around all over the world but is especially popular in Las Vegas and the UK.

21+3 blackjack side bets first appeared in Las Vegas in 2001, it is one of the most popular blackjack side bets.

Basically, it includes 2 casino classics: blackjack and three-card poker, which can create perfect odds. 21+3 blackjack can be found both online and in a live casino.

New and also unskilled blackjack players try to avoid putting side bets in blackjack USA, they have lots of reasons for it. The 21+3 wager rises payments and odds, but you should also invest more money in the game. 

So, if you have a basic strategy and enough experience playing with side bets, you can try 21+3 a shot.

21+3 blackjack rules

21+3 blackjack rules

The 21+3 side bet is available in most online Blackjack games. If you want to play 21+3, you should have general knowledge of poker. This is due to the fact that the side bet is made up of the player’s two face-up cards and the dealer’s face-up card. As a result, you’ll have to try to create strong poker hands by using these three cards. So the 21+3 side bet in Blackjack is a good way to earn much more money than you expect at first, but as we mentioned above it has its risks.

How to play 21+3 Blackjack

When you choose to play one of the best online blackjack games with a 21+3 side bet, you are essentially testing your luck with the two cards you have and the dealer’s card face-up.

If you are able to form one of five different poker hands, you will receive the bonus win.   The payments for it can differ. It depends on the casino and the game servicer. In this case, we give you the standard that is used for most 21+3 side bets at most casinos below:

  • Flush 
  • Straight Flush 
  • Straight 
  • Three of a Kind 
  • Suited Three of a Kind

Here you can see, that it is not so difficult to learn this game and play it if you know these poker hands. You just need to spend some time, practice it and do your best for winning it. You have a real chance at it. Now we will introduce and explain each point of this list and will try to increase your chances of winning the game. 


Three cards of the same suit are the most fundamental 21+3 combination. The dealer’s card and your first two cards must all be of the same suit—hearts, clubs, spades, or diamonds. For example, three hearts, seven hearts, and a jack of hearts. If you correctly predict these three cards, the payoff for a flush is normally 5:1.

Straight Flush

When you lay out arcana cards of the same suit in the correct sequence, you get a straight flush. It is simply straight and flushes at the same time. A straight flush is described as having seven, eight, and nine club cards on the table. When it is possible, the payout for a straight flush is typically 40:1.


The straight is a more difficult combination to win. 

For example, if the player can get four, five, or six, the color and suit of the cards are meaningless. The only thing that matters is that the format is really sequential. The ten of spades, jack of clubs, and queen of diamonds are all examples of this. The payout for a straight is usually 10:1.

Three of a Kind

The three-of-a-kind comes next. When the dealer’s up card and your first two cards both reveal three identical cards, this is done. The card’s color and suit are not significant. You win, for example, if you have 6 clubs and 6 diamonds while the dealer has 6 spades. Three of a Kind has a 30:1 payout ratio as its norm.

Suited Three of a Kind

The last one is the Suited Three of a Kind. The last one, but the best one. This is the most profitable and highest-paying side bet in the 21+3 game. It is also the most complicated to land but also the most rewarding side bet.

A three-of-a-kind that is suited means you have exposed three of the same kind of cards. They are the same color, value, and suit in this instance. The three 7s of Spades on the table serve as evidence of this. When you accomplish this, you are paid 100:1 by The Suited Three of a Kind.

There is also another method in blackjack

There is a better method for making sure you have the best possibility of improving your advantage than giving each person a suit to count. You must count the difference between two suits rather than a single suit.

If you were to count the number of hearts and clubs, you would add one when you saw a heart and take one whenever you saw a club. You may determine the true count by separating it by the number of decks still in the shoe. If your score ever reaches +7 or -7, you have an edge and ought to wager.

It only addresses one-sixth of the possibilities, which is an issue. Therefore, you need six people or a really smart person to count all the shoes. Again, everyone should bet whenever one of the counters places a wager, but be kind to other players otherwise the casino may kick you out and forbid your return.

While it may not be the easiest way to play blackjack, 21+3 at least gives you the ability to use the table while remaining relatively inconspicuous. Perhaps that is what makes this blackjack tip a real choice for players looking to increase their odds.


21+3 is a fun and easy side bet that has grown in popularity over the past decade. You can always choose not to place it and play the main game normally. Of course, try not to lose your head, don’t become crazy about it,  stay calm, study the rules and find a casino that uses more decks, preferably six or eight, if you want to have a chance of winning.

Now that you understand how 21+3 works, it’s time to practice your skills from it. Find a casino that provides blackjack with this additional stake, register there, and give it a shot. Believe in yourself and try. Why not?

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