Surrender in Blackjack - when and why

Surrender in Blackjack – when and why

“Blackjack” is the world’s most common card game with a bank. It is also known as BJ.  Along with other gambling games in this one you have the greatest chance of winning. There are different variations of BJ, over the years there have been many changes and additions. Today, everyone can enjoy this game both in casinos and online. The differences will be minimal. In the first case, you have direct contact with the agent, aka croupier. And in the second, all the control is done by the buttons. There are two main types: 

  • With a “variable bank,” which is usually played in a private circle;
  • With a “permanent” – casino. 

These types of games have many features in common.

The main points are

The game is played by the agent/dealer and one and up to six to seven or more players (private circle can have up to 14). Each has a different set of cards. Each plays against an agent. 

The value of cards in points

Standard playing cards are used. Each of them has a different value:

  • The Ace is worth 1 or 11 points at the owner’s choice;
  • A picture card is worth 10;
  • 2 to 10 are rated at face amount. The Joker, if present, is only an indicator card and does not participate in the game.

You need to assimilate this information to learn how to calculate your points clearly and competently. It is very simple.

The goal of the game

Each player tries to score more points in his set than the agent – but the value of his die roll should not exceed 21. Whoever scores more than 21 immediately loses. A hand of 2 cards worth exactly 21 points (a card-picture or 10 and an ace) is called “blackjack”.


With the exception of the agent, each player bets at the beginning of each game. You are only allowed to do this against the dealer. At the end of each game, the agent pays those with a set value greater than his own. Outside observers may, if permitted, bet on any player’s layout, but not on the agent’s layout. The basic order of play is:

  • Taking bets and surrendering 2 cards to each player;
  • Completion of additional ones at the request of each participant in turn – whether it lasts;
  • Conducting calculations on bets.

This is how the game is played in BJ. Regardless of whether you are offline or online. Betting limits in the casino are set minimum and maximum limits. Everyone will have their own ranges.

Starting to play

Starting to play

Initially, there is a process of staking. After they are made, the online player presses a button. Offline, the agent himself sees and starts the deal. In order for him to start the process of the game, the stake must be different from zero. The dealer deals you two cards face up and then deals himself, one face up and one face down. After the first two are dealt, and until the value of the set is greater than or equal to 21 points, the player can take four actions:

  • Surrender – stop. The game stops and the player gets back half of his stake;
  • Enough – the end of actions in the party, the agent gets the right to move;
  • Take – the player gets one more card. He can continue to draw until he decides to stop or until the value of his set exceeds 21;
  • Double – the player doubles the bet amount and is dealt another card. After you surrender the next turn, the move is automatically passed to the agent. However, if your balance is insufficient, the option of additional bets will not be available. If the number of points after taking a card exceeds 21, then immediately loses. 

When the right to move is transferred to the agent, he draws his own cards until the value of his set exceeds the number of points of the player. Then the winner of the game is determined. If the player wins, an amount equal to his stake is added to the pot. If he loses, then this amount is withdrawn from the bank. After the message about losing or winning, the player is offered to play again. To do this he needs to make a stake again. 

More about Blackjack Surrender

First and foremost, this is an opportunity. In order to keep half of your bet. Unfortunately, not all blackjack casinos provide this opportunity. Therefore, it is worth initially knowing the rules of the company or place where you play.

How to play

This type of game does not differ significantly from the classic types of blackjack. The only thing is the player’s ability to discard the entire set before picking up another card. In this case, the loss will be not 100 but 50% of his bet.

Despite the fact that the surrender is negative in some cases it can save you from a complete failure. Especially in a dynamic online. The rules of the game here are not subject to any changes. The player must score no more than 21 points. The closer to this number the better. Based on the value of your open cards and the initial ones, you are faced with a tough decision. You must calculate the probability of winning your set. After the cards are revealed, players have the opportunity to take advantage of other moves. Some give you the opportunity to double or split. 

When is it time to give up?

The logic is very simple. When the chance of winning is 25% or less, you have to give up. From observation, after a while you risk losing everything. That is why this option is less deplorable. You will be able to keep half of your money. The whole strategy depends on what the agent does when giving up on soft 17. Passes or takes a hit. There are two basic types of surrender:


It will be open to you only after the agent sees his close card. If it turns out to be a 21, there is no longer an opportunity to deal. Using this type correctly can help you and increase your odds of winning. When using multiple decks, late surrender should be done in the following cases. 

S17 decks. With an open agent card of 10 or an ace and you have a total of 15 or 16. In this scenario, you must surrender.

H17 decks. If the agent has a 10 or ace and you have 15,16, or 17. You should use a late surrender.


In this option, you get to deal your cards in a set before the agent sees how many points he has. By opening a closed one. This option is more advantageous for you. But read the rules carefully before you play. There may be some subtleties or exceptions. 

These are cases where you need this option. And the best option is to use it.

Do not forget about it

In any gambling game you need to be familiar with its rules. In Blackjack Surrender it is necessary to make sure that the change is available. In a regular casino, don’t hesitate to ask the agent about it. Also, do not forget that whatever strategy you use, it does not guarantee you winnings. And the approaches may be different. After learning any strategy, set the amount you are willing to spend. Initially, it is better to start with a small deposit. And over time, gain experience.

Tips and strategies for winning at blackjack

Tips and strategies for winning at blackjack

Following the recommendations in the game does not guarantee a 100% victory. But it does allow you to assess your strengths and plan your actions. The result depends not only on the points scored, but also on the luck of the agent. Games with insurance, as a rule, with a low percentage of return. Remember that there is no perfect strategy for how to play. It’s better to take different approaches and combine strategies. Suddenly, you are the one who will hit the jackpot. Since the advent of card games talented people beat a fair casino. Created a blacklist of lucky ones who were not allowed even on the doorstep of gambling houses. Even then, came to the aid of mathematics: Counting cards. Counting was conducted from 0, the fall of the lowest to 0 added 1, the highest from 0 added 1. When the deck of cards reached a half, and the counting gave a positive number – the bets increased. The principle worked until casinos introduced additional decks of cards. For online blackjack, counting became useless; after each hand, they were shuffled by a special electronic system.

Tips for playing online blackjack:

  • Use strategy tables. It’s a myth for pros to calculate every move in their heads.
  • Feel free to open the table in the adjacent window and analyze the situation periodically. In a normal casino, that’s the way it should be.
  • Stop counting cards. It is better to direct your efforts in another direction than to do a useless job. Web casinos have provided mechanisms to protect themselves from such mathematicians.
  • Remember the demo mode. Using a new virtual casino site, do not forget about the preliminary testing of the system. The demo will allow you to see the pitfalls, and the newcomer to understand the nuances of the game and with the withdrawal of money.
  • Play with a sober head. This wise rule has never failed anyone yet. If you are sleepy, sick or overworked, playing blackjack for money will not give you pleasure, but will increase your financial losses.
  • Forget about insurance and extra bets. Similar mechanisms are invented by online casinos, so the benefit is only for gambling establishments.
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