Surrender in Blackjack – when and why

“Blackjack” is the world’s most common card game with a bank. It is also known as BJ.  Along with other gambling games in this one you have the greatest chance of winning. There are different variations of BJ, over the years there have been many changes and additions. Today, everyone can enjoy this game both […]

Top casinos to play blackjack for real money

Casino online today is quite a developed area in the world of gambling. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is much easier to go to the site or in the application, than to go to the gaming establishment. Therefore, all the popular casinos have long moved to online mode. Playing on the […]

Blackjack guide for new players

This game is perhaps one of the most popular in the vast world of cards. Its roots go as far back as 19th century France. In those days, in almost every gambling establishment in Paris it was customary to play “vingt-et-un”, which in French sounds like “21”. In India today there are also widely known […]

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