How to count cards in Blackjack and is it legal

How to count cards in Blackjack and is it legal

Blackjack card counting is a pipe dream for all players, but especially for newcomers! But is it actually imaginary? Are you even sure that it is a dream? You will realize that no after reading the essay I introduce below. It is doable. Let’s begin by discussing the value of counting. Is blackjack card counting legal? The response will be “yes.”  It isn’t illegal if you’re playing blackjack in the US, Monte Carlo, London, or anywhere else. It is not prohibited. 

Casinos don’t precisely like it because it has been proven to be a fairly effective approach to deploy. The possibility of card counters losing money is well-known to casinos. If they suspect you are doing this, they are less likely to greet you with open arms and may even ask you to leave the place. It is therefore in your own best interests to avoid being discovered. 

You don’t need a great memory to count cards. You can easily keep track of cards in your memory, but you should never film or photograph them so that you may later use your computer to examine them. Without a doubt, this is illegal. Otherwise, a casino can ban you out and forbid your return.

When you learn to count cards, you stop worrying about specifics and simply keep track of how many high and low cards have been dealt and how many are still in the shoe. This is so that the player has a better chance of winning the game of blackjack if there are still cards of higher value in the deck.

 In contrast to the dealer, who must play by specific regulations, a player in the game of blackjack is free to use any strategy they see fit. 

Anyone who plays perfect Basic Strategy can learn to count cards in blackjack. If you can’t play it, card counting is useless. So first of all learn basic strategy for Blackjack and boost your odds with a little effort to win it. Start working out even. Read, learn and same time try to practice your skills. Believe in yourself and your memory abilities.

Below we have prepared for you a simplified table for increasing your knowledge of playing this game:

Your handWhat should be done
5 up to 8Always hit
9Double on 3 to 6, otherwise hit
10Double on 2 to 9, otherwise hit
11Double on 2 to 10, otherwise hit
12Stand on 4 to 6, otherwise hit
13-16Stand on 2 to 6, otherwise hit
17 Always stand
A,2Double vs 5 to 6, otherwise hit
A,3Double vs. 5 to 6, otherwise hit
A,4Double vs. 4 to 6, otherwise hit
A,5Double vs. 4 to 6, otherwise hit
A,6Double vs. 3 to 6, otherwise hit
A,7Double vs. 3 to 6, stand vs. 2,7,8 and hit vs. 9,10,A
A,8-A,9Always stand
2,2Split on 2 to 7, otherwise hit
3,3Split on 2 to 7, otherwise hit
4,4Split on 5 to 6, otherwise hit
5,5Never split, plays like 10
6,6Split on 2 to 6, otherwise hit
7,7Split on 2 to 7, otherwise hit
8,8Always split
9,9Split on 2 to 9, except on 7, otherwise stand
10,10Always stand, never split.
A, AAlways split

You must become a workaholic person, practice and train all the time, and do your best until the Basic Strategy is finally embedded in your subconscious. Even though, do not play mindlessly, try to think only about the game. 

Different card counting strategies have been developed over time to assist players in reducing the house edge and increasing their chances of winning at blackjack. Here are a few of the most widely used card-counting techniques:

  • Hi-Low
  •  KO
  •  Hi Opt I
  •  Hi Opt II
  • Halves
  • Omega II
  • Red 7
  • Zen

Of all these systems, the most popular is the Hi-Lo card counting system.

Each card should be given a value in blackjack.

The Hi-Lo, which is the most popular card counting method, these are the card values:  

  • 2-6= +1
  • 7-9=0
  • 10-Ace= -1

As we know,  low cards are advantageous to the dealer, so why do they have a value of +1? Because as soon as such a card arrives, the number of cards in the package decreases, and our advantage grows.

Depending on the value of each card, you will either add 1, deduct 1, or do nothing as they are dealt.

So Find out how to count cards in blackjack.

Here we will introduce some systems to count cards in blackjack, separated into two groups: symmetric and asymmetric. Asymmetric systems, such as the Knock Out system (KO), are designed to eliminate the proper value of the cards. To tell the truth-speaking, more straightforward methods are less effective.

High-Low system

This is why we use the High-Low (sometimes also Hi-lo) system for our example because it uses elementary calculations and is the most used blackjack card counting system. We offer you to use this method, especially in the beginning it is effective and convenient. The example of the Hi-lo system we have already described a bit above ( with a photo screen).   

First, we start with one deck and count the cards as we turn them. Assume we turned the cards 8, K, 3, 3, 6, 2, 7, and A. So we can count as follows: 0,-1, 0, +1, +2, +3, +3, +2. We should get a 0 at the end of the deck. But not at the start.

This is where we must start working hard and improving our calculation speed. Finally, we should be able to count one deck in 25 seconds. We emphasize the importance of correctness in our calculations. This guarantees that no dealer on the planet will deal cards faster than you can count them.

Try turning one card face down from the deck, then counting all the cards in the deck and estimating the value of the turned card.” This card should be a ten or an ace,” you say, then turn it over to see if you’ve counted correctly.

Try turning two cards face down as the next step. This is common in so-called “pitch games,” which are mostly hand-held single or double-deck blackjack. If the dealer overshoots, the first two players’ cards are turned over. This is an excellent way to learn the disadvantageous card combinations Q and 5.

However, in the actual game, you may encounter a variety of different card counting styles. Because they consider each hand as a separate set, some players in the face-up shoe wait until each player is dealt two cards before starting counting, such as 10-6. Or two hands in a row, such as 10, K – 3, 5.

Count the dealer’s hidden card as well as his other pointed cards. As the dealer uncovers his hidden cards, you must be quick to count their value. Practice counting on your favorite game, but also try different variations.

It is extremely crucial to present the rules! Never play in bad conditions. You will just lose your money.  If your casino’s only game is six decks, a game with two fewer decks, save your money and go elsewhere. You will find much better conditions.

Your wagering range in blackjack

Wagering range in blackjack

Always tries to be wary about the size of your bets. Your perfect Mathematics tells you to bet from $5 to $100. This is undesirable because you will immediately discover what you are going to  do. If you want to stay alive in a casino, you must limit your maximum bets. Be sure, that perfectly a casino knows the ways card counting looks like and how it can work.

A typical scatter in pitch games is 1 to 5 units; in shoe games, the range is 1 to 8 or even 6 units for each of the two hands. In general, players increase their bets in proportion to the calculated value. If the situation is unfavourable to them, they bet 1 or 0, and they gradually rise.

If you want to get more information about betting, you also need to read books such as Stanford Wong’s Professional Blackjack and Don Schlesinger’s Blackjack Attack. All the books about blackjack will be useful.

This time, it is wise to start at the lowest limits. Improve your game before you go into the real action. Very important to choose games where the minimum bets are up to $1. 

For bets of 1 to 5 units, you must have a bankroll of at least hundreds of dollars. Don’t play  with someone else’s money. It can be dangerous for both of you. Blackjack is a swing game, so you should expect a string of losses. And never forget a high-quality player who counts cards will win.

Read also our Blackjack guide for new players.

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