Where to play blackjack online for free

Where to play blackjack online for free

Read the rules before you play this game. And it’s not just each. Any game of chance needs to be studied if you’re going to play it responsibly. And also if you’re going to be making any real money. It’s a relatively simple game. And even if you don’t plan to bet real money, learn the basic information and familiarize yourself with the rules beforehand. The process is conducted with a standard deck of French unique cards. Their number may vary depending on the version of the game, but in most cases 1 to 8 decks are used. Each card has its own value:

  • 2 to 10 is the corresponding number of points;
  • J, Q and K equals 10;
  • Ace equals 1 or 11 points.

The goal of each round is to collect more points than the dealer (hereinafter “agent”). Exceeding 21 is not allowed.

Game Process

Game Process Blackjack

For each new player it will not be superfluous to study the detailed rules of the game. And also read about its types. Because each game has slightly different rules. The main points:

  • During the game, players can either ask the agent for another card or stay with the one they have by telling him “enough”. Those who score 22 or more points automatically lose. If you don’t lose, the agent comes into play. He is usually required to stop once he has scored 17 or more points. Regardless of what cards the players have;
  • If the agent loses, you are the winner. Only if he hasn’t lost before him. If neither the first nor the second player loses, the winner is determined by tallying each player’s points. You can win twice the bet made, win back (in case of a tie) or lose the stake (if the agent has more points than you in total);
  • If you get a combination of an ace and a ten of any suit (aka blackjack), the payout is 2.5 times the bet made by the player. The exception is when the agent has exactly the same set. Such a situation is called a draw. In this case, the bet amount is simply returned to the player.

These rules are generalized and simplified. Still, they are enough to play this fascinating game. Not for the money, but to enjoy the process.

Learn basic blackjack strategy before you play for money

Playing blackjack effectively takes some knowledge and practice. Free games allow players to learn what is known as basic strategy. As well as reaching the maximum theoretical value. In view of the fact that there is no need to play for real money. The maximum payout differs depending on the rules of each particular version. You should know what to do in each situation to get this coefficient. The optimal way to play is the basic strategy. However, it’s not about how to count cards or other “tricks” that allow you to beat the agent. It’s more about how to make the right decisions and minimize his advantage. If you are interested in this topic, you can study it in more detail. That will only be a plus for you. However, keep in mind that the described strategies cannot be used in games that do not involve betting with real money. Important: The ability to count cards makes blackjack one of the few games in the world of gambling in which the advantage can be on the player’s side. Of course, the casino owners do not like it. Therefore, if a player is suspected of card counting, he is asked to leave the establishment. There are other measures that make this strategy difficult or impossible. In online blackjack casinos, counting cards makes sense only if you are playing with a live agent. In any case, this strategy is unlikely to be successful due to the constant shuffling and changing of decks.

Briefly about basic strategy

Your decisions play an important role here. In slots, you just press the scroll button and wait for the result. In this game, you need to know which decisions will reduce the casino’s advantage. This is what basic strategy is all about. It describes the decisions depending on your cards and agent and the specific rules of the game itself you are playing. Read this topic in more detail if you haven’t already done so.

Side bets in blackjack

Many casinos and game providers offer a variety of side bets. This adds spice, but also tends to increase the casino’s advantage. It is made in addition to the main stake. The most common side bet is the so-called “21+3”. It allows you to win an amount exceeding several times. And in this case, the multiplier is determined by the player’s two cards and an open agent. The maximum win brings a combination of three of the same suit with the same value. The types of these bets available to players at real and virtual tables to play this game around the world are different. Nevertheless, they all have something in common – the presence of RTP, with them is lower than without them. It is better not to make such bets to play with the maximum. Nevertheless, some players may like them. Because they also increase the volatility of the game. One thing is certain – it can and should be done in the free version.

Free blackjack 

Free blackjack

Playing online for free is very simple: there are various selections of gratis games. You can find and choose the right one for you. More often than not, they will download directly into your browser and your account will be refilled with free chips (with no real value) to play. Then place your bet. Click the Handout button and play blackjack by the usual rules. Playing this game for free gives players practice in making decisions, which is very important because this is where decisions affect the long-term outcome.

For mobile devices

Today only a few games from the world of gambling are available in the mobile version. These include blackjack. Users can see the available options from the world of gambling by using the filter “Casino with mobile version”. Blackjack for mobile devices is not so common. On the other hand, there are enough of them that you can find something suitable for you. Some games require Flash Player, but there are fewer and fewer because of the trend in the gambling industry to recycle old ones using new technology supported by mobile devices.


You can play the vast majority of games without downloading anything. Just run it, and you’re all set – no need to download or install software. But there are exceptions. Some older games require Flash-player to work, but you can easily bypass this restriction by choosing any other without this technology.

Free Blackjack with a chance to win real money

The free version of this game uses virtual chips. They have no real value. They cannot be exchanged for money, no matter how many of these chips you manage to collect during the free rounds. If you want to play without investing and get a chance to win real cash, you can use no deposit bonuses. Thanks to them you will get a small amount to gamble with. In theory, if you win, this money can be withdrawn. However, be careful, as withdrawals are usually subject to strict restrictions. Before you start playing, study this point. They may be different for each manufacturer. The information provided above will help you understand in more detail how the gameplay of blackjack. Not just study, but learn how to apply everything described in this article. Learn how to play for free and move on to the real money game. You have the opportunity to earn in blackjack. Good luck!


How do I understand blackjack card counting strategy?

The strategy for counting cards is based on tracking their use in previous rounds. This gives the player a special advantage over the casino. However, this requires playing with a large deck of cards that is not shuffled after each round. In free blackjack, the virtual deck is regularly shuffled. On this basis, to apply this strategy will not work, but practice counting cards all the same can. 

Is there a mobile version of blackjack or an app?

Yes, of course. Most games in the gambling world have an app or mobile version. This is possible because they use modern HTML5 technology instead of the outdated Flash player. However, there are still games running on Flash that can’t be played on mobile devices. To hide them, use the “Mobile Devices” filter on the site. There you will find a large selection of games.

What’s the difference between playing without and with real money?

In the world of gambling, real money games at online casinos work the same way as free games. The only difference is that they use a live agent with a true deck of cards. If you want to play for real money, choose a good casino with an honest attitude towards players. The rating of such establishments or online platforms of your city or your country will help you with this.

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